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We deliver fast, real-time information and intelligent solutions with modern insights. Not only can you view insights on a constant basis, but Serv360 allows you to manage all your business needs while providing customers with an enhanced experience. We take the old, complex delivery portfolio and merge it into a single platform that simplifies service management for the experts as well as the beginners.

With quick-start and affordable pricing, we improve your data visibility and end results with our efficient platform.

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    Contract Management

    A centralized repository for all types of contracts per device/location of the customer in a single place that offers a summarised view. You will get live notifications of contract renewals. Contract management software provides access to contracts for authorized individuals, this increases security measures. You can maintain master and subcontract relationships and entitlements. This is truly a one-stop shop solution for all contracts.

    Inventory Management

    Comprehensive database of all the inventory maintained and updated periodically. Be able to capture information about a device and display it in the inventory. Provide services such as updates on the inventory uses, tracking of inventory changes, patch management (SRM), disaster management (backups), and individual device performance visualization. Onboard customer devices manually or bulk upload through the network discovery. We can link events, incidents, contracts, and login details (audit logs) of every device through this platform.

    Network Performance & Analysis

    Imagine having an analyzer that continuously monitors the performance of all network devices and applications as well as availability. You will be the first to know when your network has any issues. Be able to measure the performance of the network infrastructure, create live reports that assist in proactive capacity planning.

    Workforce Management

    Be able to schedule and track your resources. Be able to have automatic assignments of incidents and tasks. See how your performance is tracking.

    Runbook Automation

    Be able to create and execute runbooks to automate routine jobs and save you time. Create programs and logics to perform MACD, operations and triage on events or incidents. This will assist you with being able to have a standard for your operating procedures, set access controls so you can share the procedures with others inside or outside of your team, as well as see reports on all activity in one place. As an admin you can create simple change (MACD) requests on your client portal. A corresponding task is created in Serv360 main portal and our custom-built automation completes the task automatically. Schedule a request/change to be completed on a later date and time. The automation engine picks up and completes the requests as per the schedule.

    Business Analytics

    Our advanced dashboard interface helps you get a quick snapshot of real-time updates, periodic trends, age bucket, and more. With an enabled drill-down option you are able to customize dashboards, facilitate upgrades as per widgets & metrics and also generate transactional level reports with an option to save the format for re-use, this simplifies and saves you time in the future.

    Operations Management

    You are able to generate incidents and tasks automatically from sources like E-mail, native agent or third-party APIs, with built-in customizable business logics and wait time before a ticket is created. Get notified on the live ticket progress via E-mail and respond to the E-mail notifications to update. Access the affected devices directly without having to move away from the ticket.

    Auto Discovery

    Enabled real-time discovery & profile hosting to quickly populate data into Serv360 for monitoring. Streamlined client on boarding with network polling captures and lists supported network-attached devices. Automatic scan schedule with pre-set times enables you to see if any changes are made to the system.

    MACD Automation

    Administrators get access to create minor change (MACD) requests on the client portal. When a change request is made, a task gets created in Serv360 application simultaneously & our customized automatic tool is able to complete the requests. Also, clients can schedule a request for completion at a later date & time. Our automated tool picks up the task on schedule & completes it.

    Event Correlation

    Event Correlation enables grouping and categorisation of multiple events under a single trackable incident. Events from the same device are correlated to create an incident. This reduces time, noise & improves productivity on all tickets. Correlation criteria can be customised based on the requirement.

    Client Portal

    A cloud-based portal exclusively developed to address client demands for change request submissions & issue reporting. It enables deployment & integration with the client’s intranet on their premises. Serv360 application automatically captures and generates incidents as a request is submitted through the client portal. Support mechanisms can be used to streamline and manage the requests submitted.

    Security Operations Center

    Serv360 SIEM solution unifies and analyses all diverse IT infrastructure resource activities. Customizable & intuitive dashboards are created based on the performed analytics. We also offer Basic Security Monitoring, Advanced Threat Detection, Intelligence and Incident Response as part of monitoring functions.

    Security Management

    Software development and service delivery are built around robust security and data privacy policies. Troubleshooting with impact on safety, confirmation of the use, and understanding of security policy for incident management. Encrypt data and devices wherever possible. All our cloud applications are deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS), an industry leader in providing highly secure, scalable cloud infrastructure. A central repository is used to manage code and access to the repository is role-based. This is integrated with the development environment and version controls. A record of any change to the code is maintained and available to the customer in the form of release notes.

    Tech Interventions

    Seamless integration of third party tools (RMM Platform)

    Serv360 Application can help you take your business to the next level that comes with several important benefits, integration of RMM tools, hassle-free integration for maximized endpoint security and allows you to maintain up-time, increase productivity, lower your total cost of ownership, and more.

    IT Services

    • Intuitive Dashboards:
    • Centralized handling of events, we are able to merge duplicates of the same event to reduce wastage of system resources, this can increase system performance.

    • Knowledge Management:
    • Offering Change Management, Project Management, Asset Management, NOC(Shared NOC/Dedicated NOC), Vent Management, Incident Management, Event Aggregation, Request Management, Access Management, Project Management, Software Release Management, Problem Management. Because of our vast knowledge in management, we are able to successfully help our clients in many areas of management.